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About us

Colorama Imaging Specialists, located in the heart of South Harrow, is a photography studio and a photo lab. Its pioneering work has resulted in winning business awards for service, thanks to its friendly team. Colorama Imaging Specialists makes it a priority to ensure customers that come through its door feel appreciated and welcome. Photography is a lifelong passion that runs in the family, Mr Patel picked this up in his childhood and has been in this field for the past 30 years. Known nationwide, it is of great importance for the company to deliver the best of its ability. It is well known for their worldwide passport photo service. Other services offered include: Photo restoration, Video to DVD transfer, Custom-made framing, variety of photo gifts (T-shirt, mugs, jigsaw) and much more. Also, we have an in-house Portrait studio, so why wait! Call now and book for your next photo shoot with us.

What People Say

The Best Photographer I Know

Really great service. I needed a passport picture & he actually took a good one of me :-) The shop...

  • Susan Smith

You Take the Best Photos!

Great and friendly customer service and good prices

  • Manisha Narotomo